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Healthy Homemade Meals That Are Great to Freeze

Freezing meals is a convenient way to save you both time and money. From soups to hamburgers to macaroni and cheese, there are so many healthy meals that can be frozen and enjoyed at a later date. Most meals that are freezer-friendly can be made healthier with just a few ingredient substitutions. Here are three healthy meals options and suggestions that are worthy of making extras for freezing:
Mac and Cheese: Make a healthier version of mac and cheese using spinach, low-fat milk, extra sharp Cheddar cheese, and low-fat cottage cheese. After preparing ingredients and assembling mac and cheese into a prepared baking dish, cover dish and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw in refrigerator before baking.
Sausage Gumbo: Prepare and assemble sausage gumbo using hot Italian turkey sausage links, onion, garlic, Cajun seasoning, flour, tomatoes reduced-sodium chicken broth, frozen chopped okra, and instant brown rice. Cover and freeze cooked gumbo for up to 3 months.
Turkey Burgers: After preparing and mixing your ingredients together and forming patties wrap individually and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw in refrigerator before cooking. Lean ground turkey breast has only 110 calories and 1 gram fat per 3-ounce serving.
If you have stand-by recipes that you and your family enjoy weekly, try making them healthier with low fat ingredients and vegetables!