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Exercising and Food Choices: Before, During and After Your Workout

Productive exercise is not only dependent on what types of exercise you do to meet your fitness goals, but it is also dependent on what types of foods you consume before, during and after your workout.
Before working out, it’s important that you have enough energy to get through your workout without getting too tired, and you most definitely do not want to work out on a full stomach. Some foods and drinks that are ideal pre-workout include high carbohydrate, low fat foods like breads, energy bars, fruits and pastas. Water is also imperative to help maximize your performance. Other drink options include low fat milk or juice.
While working out, if you’re exercising in hot weather conditions, you will want to make sure that you stay hydrated with a sports drink, which provides not only fluid, but also carbohydrate and sodium. Snacks such as energy bars or yogurt can help keep hunger pangs at bay.
After working out, carbohydrates and protein will help muscle recovery and growth. Post-workout food choices can include: dried fruit, lean meat, nuts and yogurt. And don’t forget to drink fluids to always maintain hydration.
It is always a good idea to consult a physician before starting any exercise program, and when it comes to exercise and eating and drinking, you will need to be aware of your body and find eating and drinking habits that are best suited for yourself.