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Mayo Clinic Diet Q&A

Before starting any diet it’s always nice to have a little bit of information about it, from the approach to the diet to the types of foods that are allowed. Here are some basic Q&As for the Mayo Clinic Diet.

Who created the Mayo Clinic Diet? Mayo Clinic

What is the approach to the Mayo Clinic Diet? Stopping bad eating habits, starting good eating habits.

What is the goal of the Mayo Clinic Diet? Weight loss.

What are the basics of the Mayo Clinic Diet? Two parts: “Lose it!” and “Live it!”. Following the Mayo Clinic Diet book, you will learn about good and bad habits, calories you should eat to lose or maintain weight, and developing healthy eating patterns.

What are some tips that make the Mayo Clinic Diet a success? Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Be mindful of when you munch. Eliminate sugar during the first two weeks of the Mayo Clinic Diet.

What are the benefits of the Mayo Clinic Diet? Weight loss. Reduced blood pressure. Reduced risk of heart disease.

With any diet, it is recommended that you see your doctor before starting a diet program so you both can discuss your current health and health goals.