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How-To Choose Produce Using Your Senses: A Through E

When it comes to the freshest and most flavorful produce, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. Here are some tips and tricks for picking the best of the season by using your senses.


When choosing artichokes feel, listen, and look. Test for freshness by holding globes (they should feel heavy), pressing leaves together (they should squeak), and looking for tight leaves.


When choosing asparagus feel and look. Stalks should be of equal thickness and brightly colored and firm.


When choosing avocados feel and look. Avocados should be slightly soft to the touch and should be free of cracks.


When choosing bok choy look for bright white stalks and dark green leaves (if they’re mature) and light green leaves (if baby bok choy).


When choosing broccoli feel and look. Florets should be tight, stalks should be firm, and leaves should be crisp.


When choosing Brussels sprouts feel and look. Heads should be compact and firm. Pass on Brussels sprouts with wilted outer leaves.


When choosing carrots feel and look for carrots that are firm and smooth.


When choosing celery feel and look for stalks that are firm and unblemished. Choose stalks with green leaves.


When choosing corn look for moist (not slimy) silks and bright green husks. Pull back some of the husk to look for plump kernels.


When choosing eggplant feel and look. Skin should be smooth and they should feel heavy. Gently press the flesh to see if it gives slightly and bounces back. If it is unripe it will not give.


Once you get the hang of how to use your senses with choosing produce, you’ll be serving up the cream of the crop!