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Fear of Aging

For many people, the thought of aging is so frightening they have a sense that death is right around the corner. While aging can create apprehension in life, aging is a normal process that should not be feared. Education and awareness can help minimize the fear associated with aging.

Here are four things to keep in mind regarding the aging process if you’re feeling fearful.

  1. While hearing loss, vision loss, and physical capabilities decline as people age, there are many people who ARE capable of living alone once they have adjusted to new changes associated with aging.
  2. Creativity does not end with aging. Neuroscience study has shown that we are capable of creativity our entire lives, including pursuing and learning new interests.
  3. When it comes to aging, there are multiple factors involved as to how quickly any one person will age, including genetics and ethnicity/race.
  4. While you may feel a sense of sadness when your professional life comes to a close, you have so much to look forward to when it comes to having the new freedom from no longer needing to go to work. Are there any hobbies you have wanted to start? Now’s a great time.

And finally, as mentioned earlier, you can reduce a lot of fear by getting educated about the aging process. Everyone ages, and having a positive mindset will help you enjoy life to the fullest.