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Fight Fatigue with Food

Today, people are busier than ever—rising early in the morning and going non-stop until late in the evening. Between working, kids, school, working out, holding multiple jobs, preparing dinner, and more, it’s easy for fatigue to hit throughout the day. One way to help fight fatigue is with energy foods. The next time fatigue strikes don’t reach for snacks and drinks high in sugar, like candy or soda. Instead, reach for an energy food that contains a complex carbohydrate and protein, like a whole-grain cracker with low-fat cheese or a whole wheat peanut butter sandwich. These complex carbohydrate-protein foods help sustain energy by increasing blood glucose which is digested more slowly than simple carbs.

Another way to get short-term and long-term energy boosts is by eating breakfasts that are high fiber and carbohydrate rich. They may not taste as good as mouth-watering bacon and cheesy good scrambled eggs, but high fiber and carbohydrate rich breakfasts are more filling and will leave you less hungry throughout the morning and at lunch, compared to fat-rich breakfasts. In one study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, high-fiber, high-carb meals were associated with the highest level of alertness between breakfast and lunch.